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Hallo, Daar kan u de APK bestanden gratis downloaden "Money Miner" voor Android, APK bestandsversie is 3.0.26 om te downloaden op uw Android apparaat hoeft U enkel op deze knop te klikken. Gemakkelijk en gegarandeerd. We bieden enkel originele APK bestanden aan. Indien één van de producten op deze site uw rechten schendt, rapporteer dit dan

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Beschrijving van Money Miner (van Google Play)

👨💻 Dear users, we have gathered relevant information about cryptocurrency for you. Please, get acquainted with it, we hope it may help you to discover more about the world of bitcoin mining and free money. Nowadays many people know about mining dollars and there are already some bitcoin billionaire who’ve made their fortune on free btc. But in the beginning there were no bitcoin billionaires at all. It’s all begun with an idea.

Bitcoin mining – the process where every bitcoin maker adds new transactions to the blockchain;

Blockchain – data storage technology in the form of a list of validated blocks, all of which refer to their predecessor including the Genesis block. It’s a modern high-tech way to earn money online;

Cryptocurrency – type of digital currency (sweatcoin), the foundation of which is based on cryptographic methods. Currencies, which have gained high level of popularity: Ether, Bitcash, Etn, Monero, Btc, Zrx, Ripple, Sweatcoin, Freebitcoin and other currencies.

Btc (freebitcoin) – a decentralized digital currency based on cryptography.

Cloud mining – the process, based on algorithms of cloud servers.

This information may help you to understand some aspects of free btc technology better and possibly discover some alternative ways to earn money online. This btc miner is a money clicker. Enjoy mining simulator process, which can also enrich your experience!

How does this bitcoin miner work?

The use of our online mining simulator doesn’t require any special skills or additional btc settings.

🚀 Launch the process in one click. Press "Start!" – good job! A start has been made!

💰 Your virtual balance will appear at the top of the screen. The amount, which will be increased for each completed cycle will appear in the column called «balance»;

🔍 It's important to check the speed, which is marked as h/s, this is a key factor in the whole process, speed could be found at the bottom of the screen.

💎 The button with the image of the purse helps to check the progress of getting the percent of the minimum amount.

🎁 Also you can use menu to purchase additional boosters or you can increase the speed by completing simple and exciting tasks!

Features of the app

Remember that it's important to check your progress from time to time, like in other mining games, so you’ll be able to choose a suitable moment for an effective action. Here are some tips and features that may come in handy to you:

✅ Complete daily tasks and get boosters to increase the speed. Complete a simple online questionnaire or watch a video and accelerate your miner!

✅ Try our referral program: send a unique promotional code to your friend!

✅ Your phone won't overheat, the usual speed of all workflows will remain;

✅ The app won't bother you, you decide whenever you want to check it.

Dear users, we're constantly working on this project to meet your expectations. When you open the application, you can also agree with the privacy policy: you need to read it, put a tick and click "next."

We’re a young team and we really appreciate your support! Our team strives to improve the quality of the projects to make them more captivating and challenging. There are new mining games and applications, which lay ahead of you! 🏆

✍We're looking forward to get your feedback, which you can send to our email: info@money-miner.net

🔥Join us and download bitcoin miner right now!

Best wishes,
Money Miner Team

Versie Geschiedenis Money Miner
Nieuw in Money Miner 3.0.26
Dear users!
Thank you for your interest in the project and for using Money Miner!

We have added a new booster and fixed few bugs in this update!
Nieuw in Money Miner 3.0.22
Dear users!
Thank you for your interest in the project and for using Money Miner!

We have added a number of innovations and updated some features of the application for your comfort and even more vivid experience from immersion in the mining world!

Best regards,
Development team

- Fixed bugs, the application has become faster and more reliable;
- Improved the internal interface
Nieuw in Money Miner 2.1.19
In this update, we fixed a big issue that caused the progress to be reset.

Thank you for your reviews!
Nieuw in Money Miner 2.1.17
In this version we fixed some bugs!

Thank you for your feedback!
Nieuw in Money Miner 2.1.15
In this version we fixed offers rewards!

You will get all H/s you have earned!

Thank you for your feedback!
Nieuw in Money Miner 2.1.12
Bugs fix
Nieuw in Money Miner 2.1.11
bugs fixed
Nieuw in Money Miner 2.1.9
bugs fixed
Nieuw in Money Miner 2.1.7
bugs fixed
Nieuw in Money Miner 2.0.5
Bug fix
Nieuw in Money Miner 1.0.2
bugs fixed
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